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The Scars on Mee...

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Tattoos are the Scars you sculpt yourself on your body.

Like some crazy people use tattoos to journal their life, and some to show their personalities...

I love this particular Tattoo... designed it myself... its a mix of Unalome, Travel, Yin Yang, Sun, Moon and Nirvana.

This means every stage of your life starts from your Mother's womb,

Go through messy days...

Find the way to deal life...

Understand and get the purpose...

And finally, reach Nirvana.

The process is same to see life as a whole or in little bits and pieces.

Between all your struggles and enlightenment, How and what is your source of strength is most important...

Be sensitive and conscious to get,

The effect of sunshine and moon's lunacy...

Go through good days...bad days...

Travel and wander in all directions for peace and purpose.

Prashant Penumatsa

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