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Mid night search for Kalsubhai

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

While the world is sleeping, I am hustling and searching for Kalsubhai...

Kalsubhai goddess and her temple is on the highest peak of Sahyadri mountains in Maharashtra also known as the ‘Everest of Maharashtra’.

Age - 100+ million years.

Elevation - 1646 mts / 5400 feet

Distance from base 'bari' village - 19 miles

Number of steps and Pain - Unlimited

Time: 2.00 am

The expedition started at Midnight to get the first glimpse of Sun...

Mr.Suyra rao yet to show up, still sleeping somewhere...

The first glimpse...

360 degrees around the eye sight there are 360+ pictures for the eyes, tunes for ears...activates all your senses.

Just submit yourself and stay connected to nature and its all of peace and joy.

Landscapes all around...

Coming back is all painful physically and emotionally when you are already tuned to nature.

Its scary and also inspiring to look back and smile at what is captured.

A small bubble on the top is what was captured last night...

And finally, this is the temple on the top, Kalsubhai and the trek is all about....

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1 Comment

Rajesh Kollipara
Rajesh Kollipara
Feb 13, 2023

Wow...Superb !!

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