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The Demon in You

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Are you ready to kill the demon in you?

In recent times, I stayed in Manali and observed that a demon named Hidimbi is worshiped as a goddess by the locals. She is an asura (demon) by birth, but why is she treated as a goddess in Manali?

During Mahabharata, when Pandavas were in exile, they reached Manali. Hidimba and Hidimbi were siblings and the strongest demons in the region.

Bheema killed Hidimba to safeguard his brothers and Mother. And then Hidimbi married Bheema and gave birth to Ghaṭotkacha. Pandavas went back, but Hidimbi stayed back in Manali.

During Navaratri, all Hindus pray for Goddess Durga, but the people in Manali pray for Hidimbi and treat her as the manifestation of goddess Durga. There are temples for Hidimbi in Manali, Nagaland, and Nepal.

Now the question is, How does a powerful demon become a Goddess?

Even though both Hidimba and Hidimbi wanted to kill and eat Pandavas initially, but at the first sight, she fell in love with Bheema and showed her reality to him. Bheema agreed to marry her, she gave birth to Ghaṭotkacha. Bheema moved on with his family, but She stayed back in Manali with her son.

Done tapas and found her purpose in life from Sri Krishna.

She raised her son Ghaṭotkacha and grandson Anjanaparvan into great warriors and turned them into powerful weapons to destroy Kauravas.

Ghaṭotkacha served as and when needed as an elder son of Pandavas. He ended human sacrifice in his region.

Hidimbi lost her son and Grandson in the war of Kurukshetra.

Both Hidimbi and Ghaṭotkacha got godliness status after their sacrifices.

Temple in Manali is the reference where Hidimbi did tapas, there is also a reference tree for Ghaṭotkacha near this temple. She is also called Bhutandevi in some references.

Current state Assam, which is Dimasa kingdom (also know as Kachari) earlier. The royal family of Dimasa claim as descent from Ghaṭotkacha's other two sons.


Being a Sura or Asura is not about the bloodline, lineage, or your body.

It doesn't matter even if you are a born demon. And it is also not required to continue the legacy if it's not right.

Knowing the purpose of your life, taking the right action, karmas done decides and defines who you are. Build yourself with a purpose and build a lineage to continue or end up as a demon.

You need to retrospect, and there is always a Scope and a chance to kill your demon and transform into a God or at least into a purposeful human, Period.

Prashant Penumatsa

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